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What a Long, Strange Journey it’s Been

Posted in General, Leveling with tags on October 7, 2009 by Flairn

Ding- 76

Now that bewfest is over, a good number of blogs out there have been bragging about their finishing all the holidays, and I’ve seen at least half a dozen with this title. I figured I’d follow suit, but not in the way you’d expect.

I’m what you would call a casual player. I don’t have a massive ammount of play-time and I do a lot of other stuff besides Wow when I AM at the computer (like… I don’t know… blogging?). I’m so much a casual player, that my main (although a druid) is not even 80 yet. I’ve been playing the game for comming up on a year and a half or so, but haven’t maxed out yet. I keep fooling around with alts, and such.

Finally, I got tired of it. My favourite server I’d player thus far, was The Venture Co (RPPvP US), and I already had what, at the time was, a wopping level 15 on the server. He was a Tauren Druid, and he’s now my main. That was back in late April of this year.

Fast forward life for five months and you’ve got me, with a level 71 Death Knight alt and my trusty level 74 Druid, both stuck in Northrend. I’m sick of leveling. I never want to see another experience bar. I never want to smell another experience bar. I want to disable it on Bartender and never look at the bloody thing again.

Meanwhile my guild is eagerly awaiting my reaching level 80 so I can start… well running stuff with them. We do a lot of PvP, but you still need bodies for that, and Arena teams are on everyone’s mind. In a desperate bid to make me max out already, a guild mate made me a bet. If I hit level 80 by October 13th, he’ll pay me 6000 gold to cover Epic and Cold Weather flying. Nice, huh?

So that got my spirit sparked again, and I’m desperately trying to reach the goal. I had a schedule (which I almost instantly fell behind) and now I’m leveling like a mad man trying to hit 80 in time. As I write this blog (also like a mad man, it’s pretty entertaining to watch) I’m level 76. And I had better make it!

So, while I take a break from power questing, I’ve decided to reflect on my long and strange journey to level 80, all the way from that fateful day in April when I picked up my level 15 baby druid.

I asked around, and my guild unanimously confirmed what I’d already heard, feral was the best leveling spec by far. So, I dragged my little bear form butt out there and started Mauling everything that moved. After a week or so of interminable auto attack and mauling, I made the greatest discovery of my druidic career. Cat form. I’ve had a long, faithful love afair with cat form, and it remains my favourite aspect of any class I’ve ever played to this day. To go from slowly staring at the screen till the mob died to running in and killing in the blink of an eye was an eye opener to me. Thus armed with an arsenal of Aquatic Form, Bear Form, and Cat Form, I struck out on my journey to 80.

Swimming Seal Thing

It was over the course of my leveling, that I was introduced by my guild to the joys of World PvP. My guild does a lot of that. And if you’re into it, The Venture Co is the place to go. There’s nothing quite like watching a wave of Alliance crash into a wave of Horde in some deserted town, or on some rolling plain.

And nothing really beats seeing that through the eyes of a level 30.

Yes, I spent much of my leveling career getting 1-shoted by 80s. I believe Turpster of said on the first episode of the WoW Insider Show “I spend most of my time getting killed, really.” That was the story of my early levels.

But still, the strategies and the general awesomeness of World PvP kept pulling me in. And I got to be somewhat good at it. My time was balanced between leveling, PvP, and roleplaying (another thing my guild does a solid ammount of). Those were the days.

I remember my early instances with nostalgia, as I’m sure most WoW players do, and I ran a lot of those as well. One notable example, being trying to dps SFK in bear form (having not yet hit level 20). I’ve gradually gotten better at PvE, and with dual spec I can now heal as well as dps… but I’m still much too chicken to tank.

And so, I went up through the levels, dying, questing, dying, runing instances, dying, running battlegrounds, dying, and throwing my laptop out the window. Although I’m extremely sick of NOT being 80 by now, it was good times and I really enjoyed my earlier levels.

But I’m sure I’m going to enjoy level 80 even more.

So, to close of my crazy-long walk down memory lane, I’m putting a question out there to anybody who’s already discovered my blog. Do you look back on your early days of WoW fondly? What was your favourite part?

At any rate, I’ll keep you all posted, and let you know when I get that 6000 gold. For the time being, I guess I’m back to leveling.

The lowbie Tauren