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The Joys of Four Feet

Posted in General, Leveling with tags on October 6, 2009 by Flairn

Well, I’m eager to get right into things with the new blog, so I’m going to follow up my intro post with a topic that actually bears more relevance to the point of the whole thing. A question many people have asked, and you’re probably asking now is- “Why should I play a Feral Druid?” I’m going to try and answer that question with this post.

Group quests? What’re those? The first reason to play a feral druid is simple. They’re amazingly good at soloing content. I tend to judge a class’ leveling capaicty based on its ability to solo group quests. Although there are certainly some elites that you can’t tackle solo (these are elites that essentially NO ONE can solo at the right level). Think: Ring of Blood and Arena of Anguish. I’m not saying a feral can just run in there and crush everything. But, when you’re leveling your baby druid, you’ll thank yourself time and time again for choosing feral, based solely on the great survivability. Which takes us into the nest point…

I’m not dead yet! Like pretty much all self-healing classes, ferals (and just druids in general) benifit from really solid survivability. Like the much despised retribution paladins, a feral druid can charge into a group of mobs in bear form, phase out, cast some heals on himself, phase back in, and keep on rolling. Although it is important to note that you can’t heal in your four legged forms, there are plenty of insta-heals, or very quick heals that will benifit you greatly. And on top of healing yourself…

Don’t QQ, you’ve got Pew Pew. Feral druids (especially cat form ones) are very capable of dishing out some major damage. Some people claim that beacuse druids have so much versality, they aren’t really good at anything. This is, in my slightly biased opinion, a load of crap. A well-played feral can take out a rogue any day. I’ve seen it done. And your dps won’t be anything to scoff at, although many druids (lamentably) go resto for end-game content, even after leveling feral. There’s no need to do this, unless you really want to heal. But since this is a FERAL DRUID blog, I’m asumming healing isn’t too high on your list of priorities.

Shifting Perspectives. A blatant rip-off from here, but it’s a good point to make when discussing ferals, or druids in general. The beauty of the class is that, if you get tired of dps, you can swtich out and tank. Or if you want to heal, you can do that too (although not with a feral spec, dual spec certainly makes it an option). So, mix it up, don’t be afraid to use all your forms. The World of Warcraft is at your fingertips.