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A few changes…

Posted in General on February 16, 2010 by Flairn

So some good news and some bad news for all my avid readers (all 3 of you).  Chain Changes, as it curently is, is being retired.  I’ve found myself creating too many blogs… and it’s getting ridiculous.  But I’m not leaving!  No!  My three dedicated readers will be thrilled beyond all recongnition!

If you’ve read some of this blog and you want more of my genius, you can head to two places.  First, for more info on feral druids and their awesomeness in general, go to “Feral Aspect”, a hunter/druid blog I’ve started that is hopefully going to get up in the air soon-

For more  of my adventures in PvEdom, (as a boomkin, I’m sorry to say.  I prefer ranged in PvE), you can check out my new blog with no name (so far) at  The new blog is going to be covering going from square one as an absolute newbie in PvE (which I defintely am) to experienced raider.  I’ll walk you through all the steps, and hopefully, the community will find it fairly helpful.

Anyways, Chain Changes has been a blast, (a very short one), and I am not retiring!  I’m just moving.  Hopefully I’ll see you all again very soon.

~Flairn (druid extraordinaire)