So… now what?


Those of you familiar with Naxxramas will probably recongnize Maexxna, the third boss of the Arachnid Quarter.  For those of you who read my post about leveling to 80 you probably realize the implications.  Yes, I finally hit 80 on Monday the 13th, earlier this week.  No, I did not get the 6000g my guildy said he’d pay me, as I narrowly missed the deadline, which means grinding to epic flying to old fashioned way.  Nevertheless, it feels oh so good to finally hit 80.  Which means the news and updates you get from this blog will now come from a player who knows what they’re doing.  Doesn’t that come as a comfort to you?

After the historic ding, I was faced with a rather confusing question, which I’m sure every player asks themselves upon finally reaching the max level.  So… now what? All through my time playing the game, I’ve been preocupied with leveling.  I’ve been working on my druid since April 2009 (yes, I level slowly.  Painfully slowly) and while I may have participated in the odd lowbie-friendly guild event, my thoughts were always on that exp bar, willing it to reach the side of my screen.  Then I’d start over again.  80 times.

And, suddenly liberated of that oppressive bar, I was faced with complete confusion.  I sort of figured that upon reaching the max level some random npc would simply pop up and say “Oh, good.  You’re done your training.  Come with me.”  And port me to a hall filled with free epics.  Sadly… that didn’t happen.  And for those few of you reading this without and 80… epics are not free.  It’s a very sad thing, but it’s true.

My strange sense of humour aside… I feel like this is something that really needs to be addressed.  I’ve yet to find a blogger that had the gall to start a blog before having a max level character.  That’s not to say I’ve read every blog, I’m sure someone else has done it, but I’ve never seen it.  As a result, most blogs discuss strictly endgame.  Obviously I’m going to start doing that as I go, but I want to cover something that I feel is a little lacking the the online WoW blog world:  How to get started.

No, I’m not going to do a leveling guide, as that would require me to level another toon, which frightens me.  But, I’m going to talk about how to get yourself started with endgame.  For example, for the noob 80s out there… how do you get epics?  What’s the deal with Emblems?  WHAT exactly are raids?  I’m going to share it all over the next few posts.

To get back to the picture at the top of this post, yes, obviously, I took my first steps into naxx just a couple nights ago.  It was a very cool thing, and although I’m still going to be PvPing more than raiding, I think I may end up doing a bit more PvE through my WoW career.  At any rate, I’m going to end this one off here, but I felt the need to post about upcomming posts.  For truly valid information, stay tuned to Chain Changes.


One Response to “So… now what?”

  1. I hear you, there are a lot of good info in the blogs but not to much for us new people. I have a lvl 56 hunter, 64 Priest and also a lvl 29 Druid. Bad thing is the Druid is tuning out to be the most fun to play right now, so stuck having to level yet again. Looking forward to lvl 40 so I can get Dire Bear.


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